Danish Wedding

Elizabeth + Chris | Aarhus, Denmark Day-After Session

As if Elizabeth + Chris weren't the coolest to begin with, they got even cooler because they were down for a day-after session with us. We roamed the adorable streets of Møllestien and went to Den Uendelige Bro, also known as the Infinite Bridge. I am so excited to share these images! 

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Jumpsuit (goals) 
Bomber jacket (also goals) 

Elizabeth + Chris | Centralværkstedet Wedding | Aarhus, Denmark

I truly do not know where to start when it comes to writing up the way Elizabeth + Chris' wedding made me feel. It has always been a dream of mine to shoot a destination wedding, so when Elizabeth emailed me over a year ago, my heart skipped a beat. I could not have said yes fast enough. It was our first time to Denmark and wow, we fell in love with the city instantly. We explored for a couple days, drank all the coffee and then came Saturday July 21st - the big bash! 

Now I have to say, Danish people know how to party. They're kind and generous, but they also know how to have a good time. The guys started the day by playing Nintendo in their underwear. The ladies started by reminiscing over Elizabeth's grandmothers' and great grandfathers' wedding photos. Both Jonathan and I felt like lifelong friends the whole day. 

Elizabeth and Chris decided to opt out of a first look and I'm kinda glad they did. Chris' reaction to seeing his beautiful bride had us all crying. The love they have for one another was so so apparent throughout the ceremony. Let's back up a minute to how they met. Elizabeth is from America, a town only about 30 minutes from us, while Chris has lived in Denmark his whole life. Elizabeth packed herself up and moved to Denmark for a new adventure. Just two months into living there, they both swiped right and the rest was history. They were made for each other. 

Okay, fast forward to the party. Like I said, Danish people know what's up. Here are a few traditions you should know: 

- If the guests stomp their feet the couple must dive under the table for a kiss. (Those photos are great, just wait.) 
- If the guests tap their glasses the couple must climb onto the chairs and kiss. (Also so fun.) 
- And lastly...the most fun in my opinion - if the groom leaves the room at any point, male guests can make their way up to the bride to give her a kiss. Similarly, if the bride leaves the room at any point, female guests can make their way up to the groom to give him a kiss.

Unlike American weddings, there's a toastmaster who runs the show. Anyone at the wedding is welcome to come up and share some love to the couple, sing a song or even play a game. Chris' groomsman know his love for boy bands, so they had a special "Name this Boy Band" game for the newlyweds to play! It was so unique and fun. We saw fun slideshows, heard stories that made us cry and were smiling the entire evening. 

One of the final Danish traditions is the Bridal Waltz. Elizabeth and Chris dance while everyone claps and gets closer and closer. Once we cannot get any closer, the men pick Chris up and cut his socks to symbolize that he's a taken man forever! I honestly can say I've never had more fun at a wedding. Not to mention, Elizabeth crushed the details. 

We love these two so much. They're the real deal and I'm so excited to share their wedding photos.