Burke VA

Chloe + Chris | Burke Lake Park | Maternity Session

While I love (love, love, love) shooting weddings...my journey of photography started way back in the day when I would shoot portraits of anyone who would let me take their picture. Now I am lucky enough to have the honor and privilege of photographing people during different chapters of their lives. Chloe + Chris have their first baby on the way, due in July, and I couldn't be more excited for them. From the short 30 minute session we had together and our email exchanges, I can already tell they're going to be amazing parents. 

We hung out at Burke Lake Park in Fairfax this past Saturday evening when the weather was phenomenal to capture the love they have for one another and for the little bean growing in Chloe's belly. I am so grateful to have met Chloe + Chris and to have had the chance to photograph the last remaining days of just the two of them before their lives are changed forever. 

Scroll for adorable smiles + happy parents-to-be! Oh and their adorable pup, Ginger!