Natasha + Nate | In-Home Session | Washington, DC

Natasha + Nate were our hot models for our second styled session at The Meraki Workshop a few weekends ago. In-home sessions are super trendy right now and for good reason. They're fun, snuggly and require a lot of connection between the photographer + couple. They generate really intimate imagery which is some of my favorite. 

Sarah + I instructed for a couple of hours in this freaking beautiful Breather space in Georgetown. In case you don't know what Breather is, it's basically Airbnb for co-working spaces at an affordable rate, but they're also incredible for photo shoots. If you're interested in trying Breather out use my code to get $45 off your first booking! For some spaces that's MORE than it costs! (Code: 9CCXW8) 

After we instructed, we walked to the next room to photograph Natasha + Nate snuggling in front of a bunch of cameras. They were awesome and super willing to do anything (including the airplane which you'll see below.) We lucked out with perfect weather Saturday and rainy weather Sunday which was actually great to set the mood. 

Sarah + I are so grateful we were able to host a full weekend of fun, community + get tons of great photos in the process. We met last week and are already planning the next one! Whoop whoop! I can't say that this time last year I would have thought I'd be teaching + hosting a workshop, but I love being able to share what I've learned with others who are so driven to succeed in their craft. 

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ENOUGH RAMBLING! Scroll for in-home snuggles!