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Meet Erin 

Hey there! I am a photographer located in Washington, D.C  but you can rarely find me sitting down because I have a heart for traveling the world. That cutie on the left is my right hand man, second shooter, favorite adventure partner and better half. We both have been shooting for over 8 years now and our passion for photography continues to grow.

Shooting weddings and telling people's love stories holds such a special place in my heart. I feel so blessed to capture memories for people that you will be able to cherish for years to come. I always tell my clients that my job is more than just a job to me because I believe it is the gift God gave me. I believe capturing fleeting moments for people on such a beautiful day in their lives is my gift. I believe witnessing something that is so powerful and Holy, two becoming one, is a gift in and of itself. I am SO grateful to have been called to do this. I live for the authentic, real moments. My style of photography is creative photojournalistic and I am obsessed with adventurous couples looking to be real and vulnerable in front of the camera.  Let's get coffee, start talking about the big day and make memories last together.
Want to elope instead? SO down for that too. Let's climb a mountain or get you two married on a Tuesday. Either way, let's do it.

*Available anywhere in the US and worldwide* 


I want your wedding day to be as seamless as possible. Weddings CAN be stressful, but they certainly don't have to be. Good wedding photography (and vendors in general) are an investment. Find people you trust to make your dream come true. I'm there to capture those in between moments you didn't even know were happening and the messy, genuine moments you experience throughout your wedding day. I'm just another friend at the wedding - calming you down when you get nervous and grabbing the box of tissues for your mom after she zips up your dress. Everything I capture is authentic, real and I am just the lady with the camera who will more than likely (who am I kidding? Definitely) cry during your vows and the father-daughter dance.